Style forever. BAIBA is ingeniously conceived and designed by Humberto Bisurgi. After creating designs for different brands, he decided to develop his vision, and thus embark on the path of creating his own brand.

Details and quality are the souls of BAIBA. Simple and timeless silhouettes, a color palette enriched by a modern take on the basics, and clean lines are the hallmark of the brand.





BAIBA's website aims to portray two main ideals: last-longing materials & minimalistic design.

In conjunction with the client, we agreed to create a website and branding that would reflect these attributes, while also focusing on the importance of the raw materials and the worker's craft whom created these products.

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creative development. Florencia Maffei & Sofia Ciravegna
graphic design. Marian Pagani
website design. Mariana Serafin / Sofia Specogna
copywriting. Geraldine Moncada