“Cheap Chat” is a series of artworks born from a reflection: in a world of conflict where peace is in danger. The artist seriously criticizes those people who talk about the war yet do nothing about it. “All talk, no action” said Fernanda Lavera. They are compared with “The Duck and the Cat.”

This exhibition took place in New York City on July, 2022 at G23NY Gallery with a very successful opening night on July 7 featuring Fernanda Lavera’s newest series of artworks – “Cheap Chat”. The exhibition was on view till July 31, 2022.


Graphic Pack


This shooting tells the story about the “Cheap Chat” series, in which one of the two characters is a duck. As a source of inspiration, we take famous Magritte paintings as a reference, to develop photography and styling.

An unfolding in which everyone can play at being everything: Who is who?

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Opening Night

The event drew in elevated art collectors and passionate art lovers uniformly alike for exclusive first access to the art exhibition. The opening night included an open bar sponsored by Barcelo, Strega, and Whispering Angel.

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creative development. Sofia Ciravegna & Florencia Maffei
graphic Design. Luke Torres Rodriguez
video animations. Luke Torres Rodriguez
social media. Florencia Maffei & Sofia Ciravegna
copywriting. Brian Murray & Sofia Ciravegna
email marketing. Brian Murray
product development. Florencia Maffei