The Pharaohs and the Celtic Gods was inspired by four main pieces “El Faraón”, “Triple Luna Celta”, “Cernunnos” and “Belenus”.

This exhibition took place in New York City on November, 2021 at G23NY Gallery and its opening night was on November 4. The exhibition was on view till November 18, 2022.



This shooting was made together with the photographer Sol Levinas in order to generate portraits of Fernanda Lavera in a more performative mood with different looks that highlight her personality.

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Opening Night

The opening night played host to 300 guests with cocktails, music and sushi a plenty for those in attendance. Celebrities and important figures from New York City such as the Madden twins – Benji and Joel, the prestigious CNN journalist Don Lemon, and of course, the presence of the great Clive Davis.

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creative development. Sofia Ciravegna & Florencia Maffei
graphic design. Luke Torres Rodriguez
video animations. Luke Torres Rodriguez
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