Fernanda Lavera is a well-known neo-expressionist artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has hosted solo exhibitions in cities such as New York, Miami and Buenos Aires.

For Lavera, painting is a visual conversation, a moment, a feeling, and an outlet that allows for the exploration of life’s mysteries, channeled through a symbolic space. 
instagram. @fernandalavera
website. www.laverart.com



The main goal when creating Fernanda’s website was to capture the essence of Fernanda Lavera.

We wanted to create a site that is completely different from that of other artists, one which broke with the institutional style generally used within the field of painting and plastic arts.

Of the infinite creative possibilities that we had to decipher when starting the project, it was the confidence and playful predisposition of the artist which allowed us to digitally transpose her personality, her art, and her ambition into a digital format.

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